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Cultural Syndrome
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Puteri Shireen Jahn Kassim
Agung Zainal M. Raden
1. Cultural Studies
2. Humanities
3. Art and Design
4. Visual Culture
June 2019 (On Going)
Biannually (June & December)
Universitas Indraprasta PGRI


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The binary of tradition and modernity has been a field of debate, ideas, and discourse across decades and is a distinctive hallmark of the discourses of both professional fields and the academia in Asia in general and Nusantara in particular. The rapidity or ‘wormhole’ of rate of progress, urbanisation, and development that beset the region has made tradition a stable ground on which to clutch in a rate of change so fast that it spews conflicts and conundrums that design professionals, design academics and thinkers are continuously reconciling.

Inevitably there is a ‘syndrome’ of cultures that mirrors the clash of east and west that continues to be encountered by the region in their design creations, be it in the fields of the applied arts, sciences, design  architecture, visual studies, cultural studies, and others.

Thus this journal is initiated to give space to those who write, debate, and research on the rising issues, fields, thought structures, ideas, problems, conflicts, ethical and design dilemmas and discourses arising from the ever present conundrums that are faced in the Asian region, be it of tradition-progress, past and future, arts and sciences, and development and preservation. As issues will continue to be faced by the region, solutions and new ideas are always needed and conceptual framework rethought and remade. We also give space to new ideas and any discussion of issues around such binaries yet we appeal to contributors to find the moderate field and tone such as to make their message universal and relevant to all.

Cultural Syndrome is a peer reviewed international open journal. The journal focused to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding research reports, conceptual ideas, studies, theories, using qualitative approach in the field of Humanities, Cultural Studies, Art and Design, Visual Culture, and other related fields of Humanities and Social Science.

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